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The seeds of the Marigolds were planted back in the early 90's when Gustavo and Gregg met at a local college and started disagreeing about music. Thus, a lifelong friendship was born. Over a decade later, Gregg and Gustavo met drummer/vocalist David Counts and had finally met another person with whom to fight about music.

That said, the trio nonetheless found common ground in The Beatles, and The Stones, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, and David Bowie. They still clash about music from the 90's which would seem like their musical wheelhouse. But they stuck to what brought them together and started exploring the classics.


In late 2022, the Marigolds added Sam to build upon the foundation the trio had established. They became a quartet; and thus a veritable bouquet of Marigolds prepared themselves to entertain the masses.

What sets them apart is the spanning of eras: these are kids of the 80's and punks of the 90's playing songs from the 60's and 70's (and 80's and 90's, etc.) but bringing a modern youthful element to the chemistry. This is not a juke box band. They've been asked on bills with the newest alternative bands, they've performed at countless festivals and revivals. They've been requested for private parties and continue to be showcased at local venues again and again. As one promoter put it, "These guys make the classics sound fresh, like they've been put through a filter. I wouldn't label them a 'tribute band' or even a 'cover band.' They just make great music and bring it every single time."

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